Its going to be about Canada and there physical features


    Canadian Shield 

  It's Southward over Canada. Its a great horseshoe shaped region that stretches from the Arctic Ocean Southward. You can see frosted hills and mountians as well as flat lands. It has a cold, and  dry climate. The area is 8,000,000 km

It is 110 miles long and it is also 80 miles wide the strait carso separtes it from the main land and most people on this Island are Scottish.  It is also part of Nova Scotia. It rain storms alot along the coast but other then that they have nice weather

    Cape Breto                    Island 

Georgian Bay

   The bay lies east of the Bruce Peninsula and Manitoulin Island. To its northwest is the North Channel. Its is about 125 long up to 60 miles wide and 420 feet deep.

The Peace River is a major river in the Mackenziedraining system of western Canada.  Including its principal headstrem. The Peace River lenght is 1,195 miles long.

                PEACE RIVER


The Rideu Canal is a waterway in Ontario, Canada connecting the Ottawa River at Ottawa with Lake Ontario. The lenghth of the canal is 126 miles long.

   The Rideau Canal