These are some important thing that happend during the French Revoultion like in 1776 the Americans and French made an alliance together against Britain. On June 17 1789 the Tennis Court Oath, the theird estate was cunfused and angry, delagates met instead at an indoor tennis court on the ground and signed an oath not to disband untill they had drawn up a new constitution.On July 12 1790 Civil Constitution of the Clergy was to bring Clergy under goverment control, the Cleregy was required to swore on oath of allegiance to the Civil Constitution of the Clergy it required the Clergy to acknowledge the supremacy of the French goverment over the pope.


On July 4 1776 when the american revolution began when the second continental congress adopted the declaration of indapendence. The French saw a possability of succses and formally joind the american by declaring war agoinst brittan

The Crisis came fast because of an unfair tax structure,outdated medieval bureaucratic instittions and a drained treasury.The finacial crisis reduced the initiative of the republic's decison  maker.The finacial crisis is one of the reason why the French Re



Both the American and french revolution were a product of the Enlightment ideals that emphasized the idea of natural rights and equality. They both sufferd social and economics hardships and both wanted to ecscape there kings. The diference between the two is they went a it a diferent way the french were more rebelios and american wernt thats on of the resions that the ameracans were seccefull.The Frech ended in dictarship that lasted for decade and the americans ended in "just for all"