at our country there is a jungle were you could go and see you could go on a feild trip there to.Its like zoo but diffrent




in  our country benji guells county there is a boat named fury it could take you on a tour around the river.

Did i also say that there's a camp site right be side the river where you could camp at and in the morning you could go on a tour then.

if you need homes in our country theres lots in the city)farms)and the villige to.There's lots a stuff in the city so if you need anything just go to the city its only a 15)20 minite drive away from th city if you live far away its a 20 minite drive for you or 15 minite drive i dont no yet.

last one theres mountins in our country where you could go sking)sliding)snow   shoeing )snow bourding to.

Bengi quells county is a place were you could live and also feel safe at there is a city where you could get your stuff at all the other things you want.Hope you like are counrty.