Elise is a 17th year old who has powers and needs to use them to save her family. Will she find them or will she be left surprised?


  Cora's POV

      I know he is going to come, his presence lingers throughout my room where he touched my belongings. I want to talk to Elise about this strange presence but I might put Elise's life in danger. He must think I'm the special one, but if i go instead of Elise and I save her life, I don't mind.

    "Cora....Cora....Cora," Elise's voice broke through my thoughts.

    "Yes, Elise," I respond quickly so she doesn't suspect me of anything.

     "Are you Okay?" Elise questioned me with curiosity and worry in her blazing green eyes. I must not be good at hiding my emotions.

      "Elise, I.....wanted to tell you about...” I started talking.

       Elise cut me off "Bye sis, Can you tell me later? I agreed to meet Axel at Chipotle." 

   I don't think I have that much time but I know about her not-so-secret-crush on Axel so I let her go.

   "Okay. See you later," I say to her as she walks out of my room. "I hope," I whisper. 

       As Elise leaves, I go down stairs to make myself a smoothie and a sandwich. When I downstairs, I flick my hand and in a quick motion all the materials I need to make my smoothie and my sandwich come land on the table. I have telekinesis, I can control anything with my mind, I have to conceal my powers at school and act like a teenage girl. Very few people know about our family's powers, my boyfriend, Ryder, Tim our neighbor and my Dad who does not have any powers. Elise has more power than I do, but she doesn’t know how to use them yet. I know she has more power than e because she has the Hades' symbol on her neck while I have the ordinary omega sign.

       As I poured the smoothie into my glass, I heard a thump and a crash then everything fell silent. I crept up the stairs making sure to skip the fourth and the eighth step because they creak a little. I know the intruder had escaped already but I could feel still feel a presence it was not any ordinary human presence but a very powerful magical being type of presence. As I got closer to the door there was another crash and then the electricity went out Good thing I have night vision I thought. The eerie silence was a monster, it wanted to lunge at me and claw my eyes out it, but I fought it by petting it and gently pushing it aside.

       When my hand connected to the door knob, I was surprised by how cold it was, Then I realized that I’ll never get to drink my smoothie ,which is probably still in the kitchen and I won't get to say bye to Cora and My Dad, Benjamin

Wait, dad he should be in his office. I stepped away from my bedroom door and walked towards my dad’s office. My eyes skimmed over the things in his office and he wasn’t in there, in fact it looked it wasn’t touched for at least an hour. By the door of his room I saw a baseball bat, and grabbed it for safety purposes. With the bat in my hand I started towards my room again and as I reached out to open the door, it opened itself. The last thing I saw was a cloaked guy who looked vaguely familiar.

Killer’s POV

“This is as easy as it gets Cora, you just let this pyramid take your powers and I will let you go,” I lied. She will be the main sacrifice to the dark lord.

“What powers?” She screamed, “I don’t have any powers, don’t you see.”

“Quit lying. The omega sign on your neck is glowing. I’ve also seen you mist (mist is used when a mortal without any powers sees one with powers use it and the powerful being can mist the person which makes them thing it was a trick of the light) the people in many places.

“How do you know about that? I’ve never told anyone about the mist except”

I didn’t let her complete her sentence; I zapped her and took away her memory of the last four hours. This going to take longer than I thought, I can’t take away her power forcefully it could kill her. I don’t want to kill her I just need her power, even an ounce could satisfy. She just needs to co-operate.


Elise’s POV

It was February 29th, 2004, my sister died yesterday. The officers say she died at about 3 in the afternoon, when I was going to Chipotle with Axel. I stared at my reflection, I had dark bags under my dull amber, hazel eyes, my scraggly black-blue hair was down and the dress hung loosely from my body. I looked nothing like my sister; she had beautiful blonde hair, bright blue eyes and was beautiful in every way possible. Although it has been about a day that she died I miss her so much. I was with my father, Benjamin, Axel my friend and me for Cora’s funeral; it was a small funeral just the way my sister would have wanted it. The officers told us that she was killed by Bloody Mary; there have been a lot of murders around our area. I froze time and I moved towards her coffin and as I looked into her cold frozen eyes, I realized I did not see the omega sign on my sister’s head. I shrieked in joy and figured that I could connect to her thoughts too. As I focused on my breathing I closed my eyes and let my thoughts call out to my sister. I could feel her aura she should have responded to me by now, unless there is another magic being blocking me from her. As I was about to give up I heard the eerie whisper of my name. I have only heard this voice once and that was when I went to the underground. No! I thought, I screamed in agony. No, this cannot be happening. She has been captured. I will have to go find her.

 The air suddenly became cold, it was freezing I am pretty sure I woke up but I realized he caught me; he is feeding off my pain. As soon as I realized this I let out a strangled war cry and blast all of my powers towards him. He just laughed, a bone chilling laugh and he disappeared leaving me frightened and breathless. When I opened my eyes, the sun warmed me up and made me sigh in pleasure but I realized whenever I freeze a place, its cold but it is warm. Ben must have unfrozen my place. Then the horrid thought came to my mind, Am I his daughter? If I am, why has Ben brought me up? I shook my head as to loosen myself from his grip and get rid of these thoughts. When I looked up I saw Axel looking at me with a smile. His smile instantly made me warm.

            “Here”, he said as he held out his hand. I looked at his hand and said, “Thanks”. As I got up I asked, “Where’s Ben?”

            “He went home, I thought you saw him leave,” Axel said.

            All of a sudden Axel grabbed my hands and tugged me towards the meadows. As he pulled me with him I noticed his beautiful black hair and shiny hazel eyes. I might have a tiny crush but who wouldn’t, he’s flawless. I realized I was ogling at him, when we reached the top he pointed to a sunrise. I collapsed on the hill and just watched. I noticed Axel right next to me and saw him as baffled as me of the sight. At this, I noticed the sun highlighting his hair; his eyes sparkled even more than before. I realized of him asking me something.

            “Sorry, I spaced out, what were you saying?”

            “Well, I was wandering if you wanted to hang out with me tomorrow?” he said in a rush.

            “Uh. Su-su-sure”, I uttered out.

            “It’s a date”, I said it a little confidentially.

            “Okay” he breathed out.

            Just then I realized I have to ask him something. “Hey, Axel I need your help. Today when I was looking into my sister’s coffin, I looking into her eyes and they were not blue- grey they are supposed to be. They were black and I was wondering if you want to help me figure out if this was actually a faux body? Right after I tried to reach her through my thoughts she wouldn’t reply. Almost like something was blocking me from her. I think it’s the demon from under. You know the one from last time. When I freeze time, everything is cold like winter unlike Ben or Cora. Also my green eyes are nothing like his grey blue ones which Cora has. You know where I am going with this right?”

            He looked at me flabbergasted.

            “So you think you are a demons daughter and that Cora is alive? This is the craziest idea I have heard…. I am in. What are we doing?”

            Well that was easy. I looked at him and mentally questioned, “You know that I have magical powers?” He said, “Yes, I do”. I must have looked funny because he burst into laughter. I just stared at him until he composed himself.

            “Was that you?” I asked.

            “Yes, yes it was.”

            I was filled with joy. I thought it was only me and my sister with powers.

            “What’s your symbol?” I asked, “Mine is the Hades symbol.”

            “I have the Apollo symbol.”

            “My sister just had the letter omega on her.”

            “Well we better figure out when we are going to look through her room.”

            “Around 3:25 A.M. today. Okay?”

            “Yep. Well let’s go look for some clues while we wait for 3:25 to come around.”

            “Race you!” I yelled as I ran. I ran for about 5 minutes and then teleported to my room and two seconds later he came barging in.

            “No fair.”

            I guffawed at his state. His hair was disheveled and he was breathing deeply trying to catch his breath. When I calmed down enough to talk I said, “I never said you can’t use magic.”

            “But. But...You never said we can either.”

            “Quit being a baby and help me find clues.”

            “This isn’t over.”

            As I was looking around I noticed a mirror that had attached light to it. It was weird then but now it just reminds me of Cora. Oh! How I miss her. I wonder if she is okay, is that why she won’t respond to me. I think Axel noticed my sadness because he then tried to put the mirror away. I stopped him as soon as I heard a whisper of my name. At first, it was a whisper but then it became the urgent voice of Cora. “Stop” I commanded Axel. He froze in his steps. “Put that in front of me” I commanded again.  

He put it right in front of me and I said, “Cora is talking to me”.

            (Mentally) “Cora. Cora. Talk to me.”

            “Elise, can you hear me?”

            “Ya. I knew you were alive.’

            “Where are you?” I questioned.

            “This guy is crazy. He knows I have powers. He wants me to use them on this pyramid so his dark Lord can come to life.”

            “I was trying to talk to you but the demon we met in the under intercepted my connection and I could feel your aura, were you unconscious?”

            “Ya. He zapped me he’s one of us he has a nasally voice and I swear I’ve seen that black hair before.”

            “I bet he took your memory. Do you know where you are?”

            “I think so too. No, but there are a lot of computers here with a bunch of weapons. I’m scared, Elise.”

            I got the image of the room she was in but I couldn’t figure out whose place it was.

            “It’s okay Cora. I’m here I got the image can you try to teleport back here.” I knew she was tired but she had to try or else he will get her.

            “I don’t think so, Elise. My energy is drained. Also I’m thinking this psychotic guy is one of us. I mean he zapped me. I also think he is extra powerful than us.”

            “I’ll give you my energy. You have to try and get here I will help you. Okay I can’t talk to you if I’m weak so store my power and talk to Axel instead. 3, 2, 1 there is my energy.” I asked any being greater than me to give my energy to Cora. I let myself go and I focused on giving my energy all to Cora. I feel my energy leave me and go to Cora. I grimaced as I opened my eyes and looked at Axel who was right in front of me looking baffled.

            “Cora. Talk. Now,” I whispered in a raspy voice.

            As soon as I got the words out of my mouth, everything went back.

 (In the unconscious state of Elise)

I could feel someone in my dream realm. As I looked around I heard an evil cackle so evil it made me wish my mom was alive so I could hide behind her. Although I felt like I was going to pee myself, I muttered, “Who are you?”

            “Oh, how offended I feel. I thought everyone would have known me by now. It is me, the nightmare of all children and adults, Bloody Mary,” said the infamous Bloody Mary.

            “I’m sorry. I should have known. Not. Are you involved in the disappearances of the kids?” I queried.

            “Straight to business I see. And what do you think. Well except for Cora, he wanted to take her himself,” She replied.

            “Who is he?” I inquired.

            “Wouldn’t you want to know? But sadly, I can’t tell you or else my boss will punish me. I will give you a clue though; the killer has taken the ones with powers. The killer has taken the weak ones as low sacrifice and Cora as the powerful one but he chose the wrong one out of you too. She is a low sacrifice too; you are the one with the most power so even a touch of your power will awaken the Dark Lord. You and Cora have a bond. One without the other; the magic is either too weak or mega strong. But you both are alike yet there is one who is not the same she shall conquer the beast and put rest to the disappearances. Also, the one who seeks to kill is split and he wants both but picks one. He is wrong. He is a traitor and a strong one. So be wise Elise, he is looking for you. Your father told me to tell you it is not Benjamin. Remember what I said one without the other is dangerous. I shall take your leave now.”

            “Wait… who is my father. Is he the demon who keeps trying to kill me?”

            “Your father wants to protect you.”

            Before I could question her, she left me thinking about everything but I knew my energy was stored now and I have to leave before I worry them. (End of unconscious state).

            At first I was blind, and then everything started to come into focus. I saw Axel and Cora beside me. I tried to smile but the things Bloody Mary said kept coming to my mind.

            “Oh my! Are you okay? Why would you send me all your powers? Gods you’re idiots” Cora breathlessly asked and sort of insulted.

            “I’m good. I didn’t know how to control the energy and that’s offending”, I replied.

            “Are you okay, Elise? I talked to Cora the whole way here like you told me. I thought after she gets here you would probably wake up”, Axel said.

            Although I was a little jealous that he talked to Cora the whole way I was happy since he looked a bit concerned?

            “I have something to tell you. When I was unconscious Bloody Mary came and talked to me and gave me clues about this mystery.” As I told them what she told me I realized it was obvious who the different one was. I was Hade’s daughter that’s why every time I freeze time it’s always cold unlike Cora it becomes warm. Am I evil or am I good? Were the only questions running through my mind?

            I think Cora could tell I was speaking but wasn’t paying attention.

            “Are you okay? You seem distracted”, asked Cora.

            “I’m good but Mary said one of us is different I think it is me. My eyes are unlike father and mother, and when I freeze a place it is cold unlike you or dad”, I told Cora.

            “That does not even mean anything”

            “I also have the Hades symbol”

            “It is okay. We all are different. I think I know who kidnapped me.”

            “Who was it?” Axel and I said in unison.

            “I think its dad.”


            “Well he probably thinks that I am Hades daughter. He wants to please someone to give him all the power. I don’t know who someone is though.”

            “I think we should check Tim’s place first since he is one of us.”


“At Tim’s House”

            As we entered through the back door I knew something bad was going to happen. The house had a musky smell and it smelled like old people. I told them to divide up and look through each place. Axel went upstairs, I looked through the living space and Cora went downstairs. As I was looking through the window I looked towards our house and I noticed the mirror that was glued to the wall and I could see everything  inside the room that’s when I noticed the light flickering and the mirror turned white and a cloaked guy stepped out. He looked around placed something on the door- a camera- and went through the mirror again.

            I heard a shriek from downstairs, it was Cora, as I rushed downstairs I noticed he had a mirror exactly like the one in Cora’s room except this one was connected to wires.

            “Cora. Where are you? Cora?” I yelled.

            “Help me, Elise! Help!” she yelled back.

            As I ran to the door I heard her screaming, then I saw a dark cloud of air pass right in front of me. When I got there, the door was locked so I did the one thing I knew from watching movies. I kicked the door and it went falling down.

            Huh that wasn’t hard. Then I saw the one person I never thought I would see, Ryder.

            I gasped and he noticed me. I was mad, no I was furious. I let out a strangled war cry and launched myself at him, as I did he froze me mid-air. It was warm. As I was frozen in mid-air I realized why not just give up I mean look at life my sister betrayed me, Axel, the only guy I liked, likes my sister and my so called dad is not my dad. I took a glimpse at my surroundings and saw that Cora was looking conflicted and sad. As her eyes found mine I realized that she was the only real friend I had ever had ,I closed my eyes hoping no tears would escape , when I opened my eyes I saw her yelling at Benjamin and the others. Everything was in slow motion she snapped her fingers and I fell to the ground, with a grunt of effort she pushed out her hands in front of her and blasted a heated ray at Ryder then Ben and Axel. Benjamin snapped his fingers and she flew towards the metal wall of the warehouse. It left a dent. With a final puff of air she died, I don’t know why I just watched but as I watched I grasped the fact that she died so I could live. She sacrificed herself for me. I felt the fire start from my heart it spread to my veins and slowly but surely my eyes turned a raging red. Everything I looked at was red, I could feel the power surging through me with a final scream of anger, I froze Ryder exactly where he was and he looked shocked.

            I stood there amazed at my powers; the air was so cold I could see my breath. My happiness was short-lived, Ryder, Ben, and Axel stood in a line facing me. Three against one. As I glared at them, I looked past them at Cora and saw that she stirred a little she was unconscious. Come on Cora, stay with me I mentally pleaded her. I am here, don’t worry just fight, she responded. Yes!!! I almost danced in joy but I kept my face as blank as a slate. Axel must have heard our conversation because he was smiling to himself. He tried to keep his state neutral but failed terribly. Again as I was getting happier Ryder flung a ball of fire at me but, I knew that this was coming, I jumped to the side and caught the fireball. Then I absorbed the fireball and manipulated the fire and turned it to ice.

`           I launched the ice ball at Ryder, but he didn’t see it coming so it him right in the ribs and flung him to the metal wall like Ben did to Cora. When I turned to look at Cora, I saw Axel tending her wounds then pain went through my side and my breath was knocked out of my lungs. I stumbled a little before I fell, and I saw Ben rejoicing in victory. I stood up again although my sight was a little hazy. I took a big gulp of air and pushed all the energy out of me, directing it towards Ben and Ryder. My sight went black for a second before I collapsed from all of my energy being drained.


{After the fight at the warehouse, In Cora’s bedroom}

            I heard a blur of voices before I finally recognized the voices of Cora’s and Axel’s. I opened my eyes and was greeted by Cora.

            “Idon’tcareifI’mrussia,” I muttered some incoherent words.

            “HAHAHAHAHA….wake up Elise, the pizza is here,” Cora replied.

            “WHAT? WHERE IS IT?” I screamed

            “You are falling for the old tricks, El…. There is no pizza but there is some mac and cheese in the fridge, want some.”

            “Duh. Food is life. I’ll come downstairs in five.”

            “Okay, cya, El. Come quickly or there will be no food. Axel has been emptying our fridges.” 

She walked out the room and I was left alone in her room. I stayed in bed for a while before I walked out to go to the bathroom. Before I went to the bathroom I saw movement in our neighbor, Tim’s house and a heard bang. Almost like a bomb went off but everything was the same. Ten I realized that the bang wasn’t from Tim’s house it was from our house and it came from right behind me. I looked to the top left and saw a bullet hole in the wall. I knew it was Tim because the glare of the sun bounced of the window and Tim’s reflection was on the window.

I turned around and produced a gun from the dresser next to the window. I pointed it at him and said, “Let’s play a game. One bullet, two people, the fate decides.”

“Okay,” replied Tim

“Here,” I said as I handed Tim the gun.

He lifted the gun to my forehead and he clicked it----- bang. I looked him in the eye and said, “My turn.”

He handed me the gun and I held its cool handle to my hand. I pressed the gun to his head and clicked it -----POW. His lifeless eyes stared into mine as he took his final breath.

“You might have won this match but there are many more left. They want to kill you and they will avenge my death. Just remember this: the ones closest to you will eventually betray you. Keep your enemies closer to you then your friends. The enemies will become friends and friends will become family,” he spurted his last words before he gave up.

            Cora and Axel came running up the stairs and when they saw Tim dead. They just gaped at his body. I flicked my hand and his body disappeared. I told them what Tim told me and they seemed a little uneasy as they remembered the betrayal. I thought of what Tim said, is it true will Cora and Axel betray me again. I will be broken if they do. I shook my head as to get rid of the thoughts. All I know at this moment is that I have Axel and Cora by my side. I don’t know how long they will be my ally but I will have to treasure every moment in life even if it isn’t that special because I don’t know how long I have to live.