Polluting Our World

David Ewert

 How pollution makes me feel


In this book you will be learning about how much electronics you will use,how much you need for all of your hygiene,and how much waste you will create.

First waste when you see how much you create you will be amazed.You make 64 tons of waste in you whole life. Now that is alot of waste. That weighs as musch as 64 Mini Vans.

To carry that much waste you would need 4 full size Garbage Trucks.

This next one I don't think that yopu will be as surprised but still makes a big impact.How much electrnic you will use.As an Average human you will use 10 telivisons and 15 computers. This creates an impact because when you throw one of these away you can create even more pollution also chemical pollution.

The next one surprise you the most you might not think about it much but it is a big impact. Hygiene it has a big impact using water and chemicals. So you take 28,433 showers, Use 156 toothbrushes,Use 384 tubes of toothpaste,198 bottles of shampoo,and 3 bottles of hairgel.

To help all of these I will try to get my family to recycle more. This might not sound like much but it will have a big impact in the long run.

In conclusion you see how mucg we impact our world and how much water we use. Hope you think twice on taking those extra long showers and throwing away your old phone.