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Some indicators of this crisis are when there are budget cuts for phys-ed classes and sports are becoming extremely competive. Sone teens do not want to get involved. When they get rejected from a team, they feel horrible and sometimes do not even want to go to school. 

It is titled "The Real Teen" because it is a true story about a teenager who was devastated when she found out that she did not make the team. That is actually the REAL- ity of life.

A change in personality from what they were before- a competitor, or a socializer, or a chillaxer, or a gamer. Then at the bottom is a picture of what they could be if they were more active.

No. I think it mentioned all of the personality types.

Prajin Uttamchandani 

I will increase my exercise time by about ten minutes every week. I will excersize a lot more than I already do.

I do not have very much time. I will deal with that by doing excersize while being there.

My dad

Prajin Uttamchandani


240 minutes (4 hours)

230 minutes

215 minutes

The Chillaxer mixed with the gamer



200 minutes


Friday, February 13th