Its about how my life was and how it will turn out to be in the near future.


Industry Vs. Interiority{6-12}

Identity Vs. Role Confusion{13-18}

Intimacy Vs. Isolation{19-40}

I had to transfer schools in middle schools because there was some problems at home with my step dad and my mom. so i had to go to move from franklinton to louisburg when i was 13 years old.And I graduate from Terrel Lnae and I attend Louisberg at the age of 15. Then during my fist year I had trouble deciding what major I was gonna do during college. And I really didn't sociate too much in high school. and I didn't have too many friends. So focused only on school. And then I finally decided what major I was going to do while in college. 





 Trust Vs. Mistrust{0-1}

Anatonomy Vs. Shame and Doubt{2-3}

Initiative Vs. Guilt{4-5}

Identity Vs. Interriority{6-12}



The first major event during this period is when I was at my house alone and so I was hungry so I made some popcorn. And so i was watching televison and not paying attention to the microwave. and it suddenly caught fire the flames were fierce so i threw water on it and it died down. and i got yelled at afterwards and this was significant because I cannot be left alone anymore.


The second was when I was walking from my friends house and this man in a truck asked me if I needed a ride home. The walk was long but I refused the offer. He started to persuaded me more and getting angry. I siad no and started to run as fast as I acn into the wood. I finally got home and closed and locked the doors and closed the windows.





Going Foward 

 The Beginning

I was born on August

13,1998 at Raleigh Duke Hospital. My mother who is an engineer and works in Youngsville and my father who is an automechanic and he worked at Henderson. My Brother who was two at the time was fast asleep at my house with my aunt taking care of him while I was being Born.


Intimacy Vs. Isolation {19-40}

I went to DigiPen Institute Of Technology. And the Major is in Game Design. and during my experince their i have met someone really special and I she was WAY smarter than I ever was and everytime I was stuck at something she was always their to help me. And had a lot of cool friends since I was there and they would help me study for an upcoming quiz or an major test. And while I was there I had to get a job at gamestop. Learn a bit more about games there but not as much.


When I had graduated college with a bachelor in game design. I had married the girl that I had fell in love with in collge and I quit my part time job at gamestop and got a real job at Electonic Arts studio. And I mde some new Friends there as well. And I got bumped up to Head Creator of a game dev team. And I have two beautiful children which are Aleksander and Sofia.


Gneratively Vs. Stagnation{40-50}

As me and my wife had a tough time to raise our children right in the end we have done the best job that parents could ever do and accomplish. As my son has went to the university of Brown. And my daughter Sofia has went to Yale university. and at the peak of my career I have bbecome the owner of Electronic Arts Studios. And i've hundreds of awards for my best work there. And I have been giving money to charity for the families who doesn't have a place to stay or have anything to eat. Ansd the wosrt thing is that I devorced my wife becauase the arguments that we were having was every single day and we couldn't stand each other anymore.



Intimacy Vs. Isolation{19-40}

Generatively Vs. Stagnation{41-65}

My children are really interested in science and geography. Getting high grades in middle school. Better than I ever could but i'm relly proud of them. Making a whole lot of friends at work now than I used to. We would go out to a resturaunt and talk about games and our private lives. As i'm getting old in years I start to save up for retirement and the kids college funds. Sofia doesn't feel like going to college but she is. Some of my friends has moved on to other jobs and getting their own businesses and we don't talk like we used and so I just stopped talking to them.



Generativity Vs. Stagnation

 As I stay at my empty house alone and kinda sad because I don't mind living alone anymore. And even on holidays my children would come and see me once in a while. So I was happy for them when I lookd at their grades and what majors that they were going to do and achieve. And my friends would come over regulary and watch football and talk about life and what we were up to. It was awesome to have company over on regular occasion. I didn't feel sad anymore, I was happy.

Integrity Vs. Dispair {66+}

I didn't want to go to a retirement home so chose to stay at my house and die there too. My children grew up too quick for me. I'm a grandfather now I'm so happy. They lookjust like them when they were younger. The best things I did in life was that I made my father and my mother proud when I graduated from college. I had a wife and two beautiful children that I love so much. The wosrt thing was that I always argued with her and we ended up gettinng a devorce. But all in all I think I was the best dad that I could ever be.