Life is tough enough as it is, why not to make it easier? These are my top 5 cooking lifehacks you need to know.

Top 5 Cookbook Lifehacks

by Michael V.

We´ve all been there. The cookies you made are too flat, too crispy, there´s just something wrong with them. If only you´d know where you went wrong! No problem with this picture in your cookbook :)

You can´t even boil an egg properly you say? Don´t worry, I´ve had the same problem! These are 9 stages of a boiled egg, now you just have to choose how slimy you like it ;)

If you like meat just as much as I do, you´ve always wondered how to know when the meat is ready just the way you like it. This trick will help you check the doneness of your manly munch just by using your hands!

Every steak needs a friend, and if you´re too broke to get another steak, you should get your hands on something healthy AND tasty. So why not to try some veggies as a perfect side dish? But how to prepare it properly? With this chart, you won´t have to ask yourself that ever again.

Congratulations! You now know at least a bit about cooking a formidable meal. Now you´ve decided to have a party whe you could put your skills into use! But darn, how much should you serve? Don´t worry, even this question will be answered.

And finally: