I can write my name in ink

And I can write yours in pink

I can ask you if you love me

But all you'll do is call me a dummy


I can raise my hand in class

And ask what nobody ever bothered to ask

"What ails you, young one?"

"Why has your brain turned to chum?"


I can try and try and try again

But all those traces of trying hurt my brain

Why do we live this life?

To experience constant strife?

I can



8 word poem


Your fire burns brighter with every passing moment


Conquerer of worlds and villlage pillager

I'm only joking

Gamer, juice lover, music listener, food devourer

Sloppy handwriting, long hair, doesn't care

That's the end of what I am


30 word poem

Essence Poem


I lie down after a day of sorrow

So the day slowly fades into tomorrow





Funny, Joking

Playing video games

Sadness, Longing for something


Redacted poem


Your heart beats with mine

We've been here a thousand times

Head to shoulder, smile from ear to ear

Smile so wide, I can't even hear




Too Tired

Let me sleep




Someday I will wake up without a care

Someday I will have a nice home

Someday I will have a car

Someday I will be married

Someday poem

What is the opposite of love?

Is it the the darkness of hate?

Or just the feeling of being too late

At any rate, that's just too bad, mate

Opposites poem 

Down the street

Across the bridge

Through the parking lot

Hop the fence



Prepositional Phrase poem



Long hallway

Lighting near the end

What awaits me

Only time will tell