Making Earth a Better Place

By: Kassandra Martinez 

We are killing our planet slowly.  

     We chop down about 900,000,000 trees a year for our everyday needs. We take our resourses for granted. Soon everything will be gone and we wouldn't have anyone to blame but ourselves. We throw away a bunch of food that could be given to starving children all around the world. We throw trash harming animals. We kill so many things and act like it's nothing. 

Throwing away food that could help others. 

There is about 803 million people that are starving each day. We throw away about 31 million tons of food a year. That food can be given to starving families who can barely feed themselves.

We consume a large number of food in a lifetime, but that doesn't come close to how much food we throw out. Instead of throwing out the food we should give it to starving children. Grocery stores throw out about 133 million pounds of food. This food could have been given to others who need it. They throw out this food for many reason for example they didn't meet the sell by date or they are bruised or damaged. One person drinks about 13,056 pints of milk and 43,371 cans of soda a lifetime. One person eats about 19,826 eggs, 4,376 loaves of bread, 5,442 hotdog rolls, and 12,129 hamburger buns in a lifetime. We can improve this by giving food we don't use to food drives or to those we see who need it. We could also not take for granted and save it more.

Chopping down trees.

We cut down about 900,000,000 trees a year. We use trees to build homes, paper, tires, flooring, furniture and much more, but the most important thing trees give us is oxygen. If we keep cutting down trees there won't be enough oxygen for everybody. 

We use trees for many things such as; diapers, paper, books, tables. benches, houses, paper bags and many others things. Everyone uses a bunch of trees everyday for their needs. Babies use 4 1/2 trees to make diapers. We use 191,000,000 trees for newspapers a year. These trees eventually add up to a great number. All these trees are cut down from forests or jungles. These trees were once home to animals, these trees were giving us oxygen. If we keep cutting down trees everyone would die eventually. We cut down trees to make room for companys, factories, and homes killing animals and their homes. 

We can improve this by not cutting down as much trees a year. Also, we could stop wasting paper and start recycling more so that we could keep using them over and over again. 

Endagered Animals. 

There are 16,306 endagered animals and 41,415 on the red-list. We keep cutting down their homes leaving them with nothing. We cut down their food supplies and homes. We either cut down their homes or we kill them with plastics or oil that goes into the oceans, seas or lakes.

We kill about about 50 millions animals killed from pollution, hunting, and trash a year. Also, we kill as many as 1,000,000 sea creatures from throwing things into the ocean a year. We use animals for testing which maks no sense because animals and people react differently towards chemicals.We kill so many animals they become excinct or close to extinction. We could improve on this by not testing animals, throwing trash in a garbage can instead of the ocean. We could also try to take care of them more because one day every animal could be gone.

How much water do we use. 

We use a lot of water each day. We use water to take showers, brush teeth, clean dishes and much more. Overtime the amount of water we use can effect our everyday lives. With the amount of water around our planet there is .37% of water that we are able to drink.

Water is something we drink or use daily. We don't ever care to think how much we use or how much we are wasting. We use water to drink, wash dishes, shower and much, much more. We can't ever run out of water, but we aren't able to drink all of the water our planet has to offer. Only less than 1% is available to drink ( .37% to be exact ). We can reduce the amount of water we use by not leaving the water on when it is not used or to not take as long in the shower. 

The use of coal. 

We use coal to power 44% of our electricity. With all this coal burning it creates a smog- like substance that pollutes the air we breathe. Air pullotion causes global warming, smog, soot and toxic air. Breathing in pollution is very bad for your lungs. 

Coal is what we generally use to power things. We use a lot of coal, but that doesn't mean it is going to last long. It is said that coal would last for another 112 years, but with everything consisting of coal I don't believe it would necessarily last as long. Coal in general harms the planet. Coal pollutes the air, water and land. Coal planets need billions of gallons of water to grow and harms the wildlife. Animals can't survive with pollution roaming in the air. We can prevent the loss of coal by cutting back coal. We could find something else to power things so that we wouldn't  have as much pollution. 

In conclusion, we can do many things to help our planet such as; donating food we don't use to food drives or food banks instead of throwing it away. We could not cut down as many trees a year or recycle more that way we wouldn't have to cut down as many trees. Also, we could stop testing experiments on animals because animals and humans react differently to chemicals or not throw garbage into the ocean. We could do so much to make a our world a better place. I am going to start recycling more so that I won't use as much paper.