The Missing Girls





Calm afternoon at the mall, then all of the sudden, AHHH! A loud scream happened, and it sounded like a little girl scream. The lights came back on ,and one mom was panicking but no one knew why. 

"Oh my gosh, my little girls are missing," screamed a terrified mom. The mom quickly go to a police department, but they said they couldn’t do anything until 72 hours. The mom wasn’t taking that as an answer and took matters into her own hand. She went to the best detective money can buy, of course it’s the one and only Hailey E. Smith. 

She explained what happened at the mall to the detective, and was astonished to what detective Hailey said. 

" I know what happened I was there myself, and I also gathered some info of my own, and ill like you to answer some questions of mine." The mother agreed and was eagerly ready to answer anything the detective threw at her. 

" I have a dirty cloth, it looks like it was used to wipe grass off the body or face," said the detective. " Do you have any ideas who it could belong too?" 

" Well  my neighbor, Charlie cut his grass this morning, but he surely isn't the type to go to the mall, stated the mother."  

"I also have a pink Chanel wallet, with an id with the name of Hazel Eggnog. Do you know someone of that name?"  




" Yes, she goes by Hazel E and is my best friend, but I haven't talked to her recently." The mother truthfully spoke, but inside her head she was beginning to believe she would never get her daughters back. 

" Well this is the last piece of evidence I have, it’s a pack of Newton cigarettes, have any ideas,?" the detective asked curiously.



" Really, cigarettes, any one could have those, but since you mentioned it my Uncle Will smokes, and I seen him right before the power went out."  Uncle Will was banned from seeing the girls when he started doing drugs, that tore him apart because they had an amazing bond. The detective told the mother to go home and rest and she would investigate.  




Weeks have passed and the mother is devastated, and haven't got any where about of her daughters. She is also wondering why her best friend haven't been checking on her, and calls Hazel phone but it goes to voicemail each time. So later that day she gets a call from Hazel mother saying she was found dead in a abandoned house, next door to where her uncle used to stay.  

"So girls how have you been, did you miss your favorite uncle?" asked uncle Will to the girls. 

" No, we want to go home, we don’t want to be with you," the girls said stubbornly. 

So Uncle Will gets up and walk out the room and makes a huge mistake. He has left his phone in the room with the girls, and calls their mom and tell her where they are. The mother eagerly call detective Hailey, to go get the little girls safely. So detective Hailey go to the location she was given and pulled up to an abandoned amusement park. She got to be very smart about how she will locate the girls, so she text the mother and ask for the phone number the girls called from. She uses that number to track the phone to where the girls are, and surely she see them and Uncle Will. 


She shoots at an old concession stand across the park to draw Uncle Will attention. It works because soon afterwards he leaves the girls to go find out what it was. She slowly creeps in the room and the girls was so happy to see her. 

" Hey girls, I'm detective Hailey and I'm coming to rescue you both." 

"OMG, thank you so much for coming to save us, can we please go home!?"

"Yes but you both have to do what I tell you, because I want both of you to make it out safe." 

BANG! They heard a loud slamming noise, and surely Uncle Will has returned and is highly upset. 


" Who are you, and why are you here?"screamed Uncle Will. 

" I'm detective Hailey, and I'm here to return these beautiful kids back to their heart broken mother."

Uncle Will was refusing to give the girls up peacefully, and pulled out a gun. The girls was so scared and started to cry, and then BOOM, the police bust in. Standing there was the girls mother, and Uncle Will was surrounded. He pulled the trigger but there were no bullets in the gun ,and the police tackled him to the ground. 

They finally got Uncle Will life in Prison without parole. The girls returned home safely with their mother and shortly blessed with a Step father. They never found out who killed Hazel E and why. On a good note they are one big happy family and hopefully this incident never happen again.



             THE END