It is the most important river in Spain!


Come Vist the Beautiful Ebro River

By: Zoe Lueken

  • Additionally, fishing in the Ebro River is a popular sport attracting tourists and Spaniards alike who try to catch giant carp, zander and catfish.

Activities Enjoyed by People Along the Waterway 

  • Northeast of the Baetic Mountains

  • Runs through the Cantabrian Mountains

  • The Ebro river is in the southwest corner by the Atlantic Ocean

  • Ebro waterway goes through Spain

Physical Enviorment


Mediterranean-Winters are mild and wet, and summers are hot.


Steppe-Dry treeless grass lands


Marine West Coast- Mild Temperatures and Abundant precipitation

Climate Zone

  • By the Douro river

  • By the Bay of Biscay  

Surrounding Physical Features

  • Also known as the Ebre River

  • Runs through 11 different cities

  • Starts in the Mediterranean sea
  • One of the best-known rivers in Europe.
  • The Ebro river in 1938 was the starting ground of one of the most famous Republican offensives of the Spanish Civil War

Interesting Facts