This book will help me address our district's PBIS expectations. We have different expectations for different areas in or around our school and this will help me show those expectations to students and parents.

In this book you will see all the expectations that we have at Coleman. We call them "Basics" , but you can think of them as the "school's rules". As part of the PBIS team, this booklet can help us get the expectation through to all students and parents. 


Signs that are posted around the school such as these allows our students to know the expectations from the second they walk onto the bus, to the second the walk in the school.  

Voice Volume at all places 

With our "basics" we include multiple areas so that we as a school district make sure our students know the expectations where ever they are at throughout the day. 


We have these signs hanging up throughout the school to remind our students the basic or expectations at all times. 


We reward our positive behaviors and we teach, model, reteach when we see students are not following expectations. 

Our expectation that you see on all of these pictures are to help keep our kids safe in our school environment. With the help and encouragement of the staff, our students are well respected and manored in and outside the school. 

Line Basics and body Basics keep our lines quite and organized while walking to and from specials, recess, or to another class. 

Playground and recess basics and expectations are followed by our students to keep them safe while playing inside or outside. We cover many expectations especially with the changing seasons, and what we expect of the kids in different circumstances. 

We promote positive behaviors, but sometimes have to correct student mistakes by letting them know they did something wrong. If there are any cases where students do no tmeet the expectations, even after reteaching has occured, minors are given out. 

We appreciate great behavior here at Coleman and reward all the positive things we see. We try our best to earn the respect of others by being great students and following our basics. We stay safe and keep the school in order by knowing the expectations. We have awesome attitudes and take responsibility for our actions. Teachers reward positive behavior when they see it by giving a ROAR card. Students collect and sign their name to as many cards as they get and then put the card in a bucket for a chance at adrawing for some prizes at the end of every week.