Watson and War Smith got the rest of their stuff and began back to Watson’s place so that War Smith could head back to Earth, he had business to handle. They got back to Watson’s house and Watson set up his pot of god for War Smith to leave in, the two shook hands. After this they both realized they needed to wash their hands right away. Soon after the two spent a good amount of time scrubbing their hands War Smith jumped in the pot of gold and was sent back to Earth. War Smith had Watson send him back to Angel’s rest to meet the other heroes to take care of the real problem.


“Did you get it!?”, asked Watson. “Of course I did, but I need to wash my hands now!”, said War Smith. “Later! Right now we need to ditch Jetson!’, said Watson. The two had a pretty big lead on Jetson, but he was gaining on them and they needed to figure out a way to lose him completely. War Smith was out of his element and needed Watson to figure out what the two needed to do. Watson came up with an idea to set up a trap that would catch Jetson. They stopped out of breath and tired they began to dig a big hole. Because War Smith was so strong, masculine, and just awesome, they were able to dig a huge hole before Jetson caught up. They covered the hole with sticks and branches to mask its appearance. They both got a safe distance away from the hole and waited to see if their trick would work. They could hear Jetson storming through the forest destroying trees as he tried to catch up. He was getting so close and the two waited silently in the distance. Finally he was getting very close, and then boom! He crashed right into the hole and let out a huge roar! He yelled for Watson! “Help me! I broke my leg and can’t get up!”, yelled Jetson. “Yes! haha we did it! You snooze you lose, Jetson!”, said Watson.