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Family Life

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. Bill had two sisters. One of their names was Kristi and she was two years older than Bill. The younger sister’s name was Libby, who was nine years younger than Bill. His parents nicknamed him Trey. In 1994, Bill married a girl named Melinda on the Island of Lanai in Hawaii. They  had three children, two girls named Jennifer and Phoebe, and a boy named Rory.


One obstacle for Bill was when he got kicked out of a club called the Lakeside Programmers.  Bill got kicked out of the club because he was two years younger that the other club members. This was unfair because Bill formed the club and still got kicked out because of his age. Bill also had to go to court because he was doing an idea that was too similar to another company’s idea. This was unfair because he wanted to do something with the Internet, and when he did many people hated him because they thought it was too similar to another company’s idea.


One person who influenced Bill was Paul Allen. Paul Allen was one of the club members in the Lakeside Programmers. Paul helped Bill make a code called Traf-O-Data. Paul also helped Bill by going into business with him. When Bill started Microsoft, Paul volunteered to help Bill make it big. Another person who influenced Bill was his wife Melinda. Melinda was one of the people who persuaded him to give money to charity. Melinda also helped Bill start the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. One more person who influenced Bill was a man named Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett also inspired Bill to give money to charity. Warren inspired Bill by doing it himself. He gave millions of dollars to charity. Warren also promised to give 99% of his money to charity.



Bill Gates had many accomplishments. When he was 7, he read the entire World Book Encyclopedia. When Bill was 11 he memorized the whole Sermon on the Mount without making a mistake or hesitating. Bill also created Microsoft and made the company extremely popular and successful. In 2007, at the age of 52, Bill got his degree from Harvard University. Bill and Melinda made the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for charity. It is a foundation that gives a ton of money to people in need. For example, they give money to the poor, people with serious diseases, and people who want to help other people. Bill and some other people got rid of 99% of a serious disease called Polio. Polio is a disease that can leave kids paralyzed or even crippled. Bill and other people did this by donating money to doctors so they could make the only known cure for Polio.


Some character traits that describe Bill are that he is very kind, caring, and intelligent. Bill gave millions of dollars to charity. Another example is that Bill and other people wiped out 99% of the Polio disease. He is intelligent because he has read so many books in his life, and even memorized the Sermon on the Mount when he was eleven-years-old for his church. Bill is also determined because he always loved to make challenges for himself his whole life. For example, he wrote with his left hand when he was a righty.  


Personality traits

Interesting Facts 

Bill Gates’ real name is actually William Henry Gates, III. People just started to call him Bill ever since he became popular. Bill also didn’t show any interest in many school subjects even though he was so smart. The one school subject Bill loved was computers. He sat in the computer room a lot just coding on the computers. Bill is the most famous person in Seattle, and is the most well-known. He also worked with Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple. Bill and Steve worked together to improve both of their companies and they helped each other. Bill also loves sports that include fast-thinking or moving.

Ryan lives with his parents and he is an only child. He enjoys playing video games including all kinds of Skylanders, Minecraft, Injustice Gods Among Us, Prodigy, and many more. He wants to be a YouTuber when he grows up. He would like to make videos with his friends just for the fun of it. He really enjoys eating Chicken Noodle Soup. Another things that he likes to do is go over his awesome friends’ houses. One more things that he likes to do is karate and many other sports. He also loves to watch YouTube videos.


About the Author