Cell Divison



By Jaci Berke


Integrated Biology



There is 3 stage of interphase.

In G1 its the growing stage protein production is high. During this phase my life is normal but I take a quick turn.

In the S phase its in synthesis preparing for the next divison. The cell copies the chromatin to make duplicated chromosomes to make a sister chromatid. Now I have a sister this is so crazy. 

In the G2 its the get ready phase having the cell manufatures more mitochndria. Good finally I need more energy for this journey.


The cell membrane  

 DNA in the form of chromatin

Spindle fibers 

Nulcear membrane disappearing

Now I move to prophase I never thought I would get out of that interphase it was so long. In prophase my chromosome coil up while they are doubling to form x shapes. Which are held together by a centromere, but my nucleus is disappearing. Oh no not again! Spindle fibers begin to form between my centrioles. I hope I never have to go through this again!



DNA chromosomes (duplicated form) 

Spindle fibers 


Now my chromosomes are connecting to my spindle fiber along the middle of my cell! I have 92 total chromosomes since the duplication. I'm only supposed to have 46! This is an outrage.


Duplicated chromosome 

Spindle fibers 

Chromatin (unduplicated chromosome) 

Oh no my sister chromosomes are getting pulled away from each other. They got pulled to the ends of the cell. Now im back to having 46 chromosomes. Finally almost back to normal. Something is telling me that im going to split and each new cell will get an identical and complete set of chromosomes.



Chromatids but now called chromosomes unduplicated 

Finally i'm in the final stage! One thing is happening im spliting to form 2 daughter cells.Good thing is my nucleus is reappearing, but my chromosomes are begining to unwind. My duplicated chromatids reach opposite ends.



Clevage furrow- cell membrane pinched in 

 Nuclear membrane reappearing

Now I am 2 cells my cytoplasm has divided its an action not a phase. Since I am an animal thats why my plasma membrane pinched along the equator.


Starts all over again 

Oh no not this again!