The Death Lake
Tyler O'Brien




"This place is so nice "a kid from a far spoke."but someone died here a week ago I cant stay at this camp it's creepy"! 

Helen a regular at the camp ground said" we have to get to the bottom of this its making are profits drop, I'm getting a detective to help". 

The next day the detective showed up and his name Dr.larence and his son Kid. "I am here to solve the problem you are having and all of your concerns."  

Helen said very concerned, 'We have a mass murder on our camp ground and everyone that comes here leaves.We are about to close that camp down if we cant stop it.We are going to have to close. Its getting out of control." 

Laurence went to go talk to the owner of the camp."He been in a violence case before all of this ever started so he is one of are biggest concerns." said Laurence. 

When they went to his office he took then to the crime scene and Kid said "Laurence set up camp on the edge of the lake we can see the hole camp from here its perfect no one will get past us". after the camp was set up they both took out there computers and started doing research and documenting things they have seen. Laurence found something very interesting well one of the employs was a scientist and got fired for using chemicals the wrong way. the next morning was to that mans room and Kid knocked on the door and there was no answer and then his face peeked from the window.His room very creepy science tools everywhere and his first words were"Don’t hurt me ." 

"We have no intensions to hurt you just to talk about the murders that have happened here." 

"I really don’t know much all I know is that it is very creepy .Some times I don’t even want to sleep at night I'm afraid someone might come get me and throw me in to that creepy lake out there and ill never be seen again." 

"Thank you for your help" said Laurence. at that time a loud yell came from the lake "We must go who is that on the ground , that is Savannah the lake woman "she was stuck in some mud "Kid call the cops fast." Cops at the camp in 5 minuets and savannah went to jail.  

The camps profits went back up and the owner shut down the lake it was to creepy. the lake was good from then on and Laurence got paid for all of his work and 'we had a amazing time doing this"said laurence to kid