by Brooke K. Taylor




She let out a scream the whole world could hear. She felt her stomach where she had just been stabbed, blood bleeding through her dress and eventually running down her legs. She collapsed to the floor. She couldn't run anymore, there was no one in sight but she knew her stalker was still after her. They wouldn't stop until they finished her off for good. But, she couldn't take getting stabbed anymore. There she layed holding her stomach praying that her newborn baby girl would be okay without her. Smiling, the woman died thinking about her beautiful baby girl Rose. It was late, October 2002 the night of Halloween in Manhattan, New York.

                     Chapter 1


              Happy Birthday Rose    


Present Day October 10, 2018: " Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Rose, Happy Birthday to you" sang everyone in unison. In tears ,"Thank you everyone, this has been the best Sweet 16 Birthday ever you guys." Rose exclaimed. " Nothing but the best for you baby girl!" shouted her mother. Rose smiled with joy at the sight of her birthday cake and presents with all of her family together at once. After a few songs and passing out the cake, Rose's Sweet Sixteen birthday party was over. Looking at the grand father clock, "Hmm it's 10:00 pm, time goes by when your having fun" Rose says smiling. She couldn't believe she was finally 16. Gathering her presents, she walks to her room and lays them on the bed. "Which one should I open first?" she muttered under her breath.Thinking about which one she should open first her mother knocked on her door. " Darling it looks like someone left a present for you on the porch. Its rather flat i must say maybe they left u a card or money." smiling she handed Rose the present. "Thanks mom." Rose exclaimed. With a grin " I think I'll just tear into them instead." With that said, Rose started to open a present from her aunt Kelly.

   Waking up the next morning on the floor with decorative paper all around her " Ugh I must have fell asleep opening my presents. " says Rose. Looking around she sees cards, money, and other gifts unwrapped. But, catching her eye was the present her mother brought to her room last night. Holding the unwrapped present " Hmm she never said who it was from, maybe a neighbor. "Unwrapping the unusually flat present she saw that it was a newspaper." Who gives this as a gift." she thought to herself. Reading the newspaper's headline "October 31, 2002: A Woman Named Alexis Roseanne Grey was Brutally murdered found stabbed to death in her stomach in an alley way of Manhattan, New York." Rose said her voice shaking. "What the?" she said in a whisper "Who would send me something like this." Then she hears a knock at the door.....

                     Chapter 2


          " Who Gives This as a Gift? "

                     Chapter 3               

             It's Not Over 



 There's a voice saying something. "Honey why don't you come down for breakfast your food is going to get cold.?.?" says Rose's mom a little worried. " Umm mom can u come here please." Rose says still shaking, newspaper in hand. "Okay" says her mom entering. She notices the newspaper. "It must be a miracle you looking at a newspaper you can barely put your phone down long enough to take a bath." she says laughing. Rose doesn't say a word. Noticing Rose shaking "Honey what's the matter you look like you've just seen a ghost." she says with concern. When Rose still doesn't respond shaking holding the newspaper her mother grabs it. Reading the headline in her head "WHERE DID THIS COME FROM ROSE TELL ME NOW?!?!" says her mom suddenly frightened hoping this day would never come. Rose finally snaps out of it. "It's the gift u gave me that came off of the porch" she says,"There's no name or address, who would give me something like this,what does it mean mom?" she finishes starting to shake vigorously. Rose's mom looks down and says " I thought it was over I......I thought he left us alone for good." " Your not making any since mom tell me whats going on!" says Rose. Studdering " I....I'm....I'm..not your mother Rose."  "What???" Rose says low barely even a whsiper.

                   Chapter 4


  "Your a Stranger Till Further Notice "

"What do you mean your not my mother!!" Rose says with roaring anger. "Who is this woman potraying my mother for all these years since....since I was a baby." Rose is thinking in her head a little dizzy. Looking at the women she thought was her mother the women say "Rose i'm....." but before she could finish Rose passes out, so fazed by this shock that she has never expeirenced before. 


3 hours later: "Rose...Rose.. Can you hear me... ROSE!" then "ma'am it would best if you wait in the waiting room. I will come get you when Ms.Rose wakes up but for now she needs her rest." says Dr. Hendrix.

Suddenly "Need my rest for what I'm fine" says a groggy voice. It's Rose. "OH ROSE ARE YOU OK... DO YOU NEED ANYTHING WATER, FOOD, WHAT???" says her fake mother worried out of her mind. " I'm fine whoever you are" says Rose with a voice as sharp and cold as ice. "I don't talk to strangers either." she adds. The women potraying her mother looks taken a back by Rose's remark. Finally she says "Rose I know you want answers and I will give them to you but you have to bare with me." "Doctor can you leave me and Rose alone for a minute please." The doctore hesitates curious but complys. "Now Rose I know your first question is who I am but there's more to the story.... way more I'm afraid. But we have to get out of this hospital first." she finishes. Thinking Rose says "Your a stranger till further notice."

Waking up once again, Rose looks around letting her eyes adjust. " Where am I?" she says out loud quietly. Sitting across from her at Rose's desk is the woman. " Ughh it's you." Rose says annoyed "I hoping that wherever i was you wouldn't be here. Looking at Rose she says "Then how would you ever get the answers to your millions of questions dear." the woman says with a giggle. Sighing with anoyance "Well my first question is where are we and what time is it now?" says Rose looking around, everything seeming familiar but not quite. "It's 4 in the afternoon dear." says the women.Then Rose realizes that we'er not in the hospital either. "And did Dr.Hendrix give me the okay to leave the hospital?" Laughing the women says "Oh darling as soon as I said we had to get outta that hospital you dozed off." "But yes after about 2 hours of him checking if you had internal bleeding or something like that he said you were just fine but come back to get those stiches taken out in about a month or so." she finishes. Rose touches where the stiches are in her head "Oww!" she says "I must've really hit my head.'' Rose says with a little smile. The woman noticing the smile says "There's the smile I miss so much these past 2 days." I thought you 16 year olds were suppose to be happy." she says smiling. Rose giggling says "Oh yeah I forgot I turned 16." Rose starts to laugh and so does the woman. "Do you remember when you were just a baby girl always thinking that life was Lollipops and Gumdrops." says the women smiling up at Rose. Rose replies "And they still are just because i'm 16 doesn't change that I'm still a little kid with big dreams and fantasies." Rose smiles at her comment. Then "Why don't we go out and have lunch and finally answer your questions im sure your dieing to ask." Rose replies "I would like that mostly because i could eat a cow right now." she finishes laughing and so does the women. She adds "Hey can I get a question before we leave?". "Of course." says the woman. "Ok so since your not my mother then what do I call you because all I can think of is "the woman". Rose finishes laughing. The woman giggling replies "Just call me grandma rosey dear."

                     Chapter 5


            Lollipops & Gumdrops