This booklet is about the two different governments of America, the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation.

The Governments of America

Branches of the Articles of Confederation

The Articles of Confederation was the first government in the newly formed United States of America. It had one branch that was called Congress.

Branches of the Contitution

The Constitution was created in place of The Articles of Confederation. There were now three branches of government: Executive, Judicial and Legislative.

In the Articles of Confederation states were represented by 1 to 7 delegates and the states get to choose how to elect delegates.

How the States Were Represented in Congress

An example of the power given to the Congress in the Articles of Confederation is that they can make war and peace, make treaties, Establish a navy, and Settle disputes among states.

Powers of Congress

Simularities between Articles of Confederation and the Constitution

Similarities between the two governments are that they both have at least one branch, they both make laws and enforce them and they both can make treaties.

Differences between Articles of confederation and the Constitution