The Missing Phone

 "Time for lunch possum's,"

           Mrs.Mattern screamed "Talia,Malaki,and Brianna stay in class and straighten up your area for me please." Mrs.Mattern and her possums walked to lunch.

           "Mrs.Mattern I left my water in the class may I go get it please?" came from a voice in line. Mrs.Mattern apparently didn't hear them because she wouldn't just ignore her possums. The soft voice didnt repeat their self the line just continued to walk to lunch.For lunch we were having pizza. My least favorite lunch item of them all I will probably just give it away.

can I have your pizza you know you don’t want it." said Sebastian. 

"Yes Sebastian you can have my pizza." I told you I was probably going to give it away. It was almost time to leave and Talia, Malaki, and Brianna never showed up for lunch, but Mrs.Mattern didn’t even realize they were not in there. In the restroom me and Thai started questioning where they could possibly be. It wouldn’t take that long to straighten up their area. 

"Maybe they are still cleaning up."Thai said with question in her voice. 

"Couldn’t be it wasn’t that much to clean up. Unless they are being slow. They only had paper and glitter on the floor from their project. It does not take that long to clean that up. Besides its not like they had to clean it up with their hands. Mrs.Mattern has a broom and a dust pan." 


true but what if they couldn’t find it." Thai replied 

"How could they not it was right behind their desk all they had to do is reach behind the desk to get it I don’t think that’s complicated." I replied. Me and Thai left for the eighth grade building so we could make it to class in time to get our things and leave for the next class. When we reached the eighth grade building it was locked. The rest of the class had left us in the restroom and went on to class. 

"Why is the building locked," asked Thai "Do you think it was Malaki, Talia, and Brianna?"she finished. 

"Do you really think they would lock us out of the building?" I asked Thai. 

"I don’t really know but we need to get in to see what's going on" she replied. 

"Do you think we would get in trouble for beating on the door?"  asked questioning if would get in trouble. We basically didn’t care we. We started knocking on the door instantly. Mrs.Mattern finally came to the door and let us in. 



have you girls been I was worried about my possums," she said as she approached us "I need you guys to help me solve a case" she started telling us about how her, Tiannah, and Emily phones were missing and she asked for our help to find the phones. 

"Do you have a class next period?" Thai asked Mrs.Mattern. 

"No" she replied. 

"Can we come in the next period to help solve the case of the missing phones?" Brionna asked only because next she had Physical Education. 

"Yes I would very much appreciate it!" Mrs.Mattern stated with joy. 

"It might take us a while if we can't find clues in here.We might need to call the police in so they can protect us while we go class to class investigating." I said. We asked Mr.Toomey to put the school on lockdown so we could find the missing items.He agreed to putting the school on lockdown but he said we only had until the end of the day to find it. We went from the sixth to eighth grade buildings looking for the missing items. We found a lot of clues, but only on the eighth grade hall. 


signs lead to Malaki but I am not quite sure if it was him."I stated. 

"Most likely it was him he always seemed like a sneaky person and I never trusted him." Thai said in a grumpy tone. 

"Just because he seems sneaky doesn't quite mean it was him. We should do some more investigation to see if it really was him." I said hoping it wasn't Malaki that had stolen the phones. We searched the place of the crime for more clues and all the clues lead to Malaki. We only had one way to find out if it was really Malaki. That only option was to interview Malaki himself. 

"Malaki may we go through your bag please?" Thai asked  

"Yes you may go through my bagAin't nothing to hide in there if you find something in there confiscate it." Malaki said like he had no worries at all. While searching his bag we seen a bright yellow case lie the one Tiannah has and we turned on the iPhone that had a picture of Tiannah as the lock screen. 


nothing in here you say! Well Malaki what is this here" I asked. 

"Alright you caught me I stole the phones!" Malaki cried. 

" Malaki my friend I'm afraid you have to hand over the other phones and go to Mr.Toomey." said the police escorting Malaki to the principals office. Thai and I got the phones from Malaki and took them back to their owners. Malaki ended up getting suspended after he apologized. His girlfriend never talked to Thai and I for a while it wasn't our fault her boyfriend was dumb. The main important thing was that everybody got their items back.