Our human footprint.

By: Aliyah Espinosa

Our human footprint

I'm going to tell you a bit about our affect on earth and how we can help make our footprint smaller.

A person lifespan is 77 years but some have lived longer. The first 2  1/2 years of our lives we spend in diapers.  For 1 child 4  1/2 trees go into diapers and reusable diapers have 22,455 gallons of water to wash them.

The food we eat in a lifespan is amazing. We eat 19,826 eggs in our hole life and we also eat 4,376 loaves of bread in our hole life. In the summer everyone loves to eat hot doges and hamburgers. We eat 5,442 hotdog rolls and we eat 12,129 hamburger buns. 

In our lifespans we use 70,000,000 gallons of water and we will take 28,433 showers. We love staying clean so we also have 156 toothbrushes and 389 tubes of toothpaste. We use 198 bottles of shampoo and 35 bottles of hair gel.

A person has 7 washers, 10 tv's, and 15 computers. We can help make these nembers lower by taking better care of our stuff. Then give them to a family member to save money to.

We use 500,000 trees a year. We can help by planting and useing less paper. By doing this we can save animals from loseing there homes.

We need to take better care of the earth because if we dont then our kids wont take care of it then what will happen. So everyone needs to work together to keep it clean and safe.