Noah the Great Spell Caster!

Noah and Phobes story

Once upon a time, their was a magnificent spell caster who lived all alone in the hundred acer woods. Noah was the best at his job, but he did have some major character flaws.  He didn’t know how to share. With this profession being such a growing industry, sharing ideas and feedback from other spell casters was required.  Since Noah lived so far out in the woods, people hardly ever came to his place so he could avoid contact and sharing his secret spells, until one day.  Noah was a handsome fella, but hadn’t ever gotten around to dating because his focus was always spell casting and mastering the newest technique

 One ordinary Thursday, Noah heard a squeal and saw a puff of smoke outside his front window. Startled, Noah went outside with his guard up and his wand drawn.  A beautiful spell caster lady was outside with what looked like a bag of spells and a broken carriage. He went outside to talk to this girl, to find out she has a background in magic. She is one of the other 7 spell casters in the world!

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 Amused but not wanting to act starstruck, he casually mentioned his name and how he was the inventor of “The Power of 13” which is a world renown spell.  Noah was bragging to compliment himself and to praise the work he had created on his own.  They continued the conversions on spells, but the second Phoebe asked for a spell to fix her carriage and Noah instinctively said no.  In his past, he had always said no to favors and gestures from strangers but something was different with Phoebe. He felt a connection to her unlike anything else and for the first time he felt like wanted to share his success.


Before he could do that, she started using her spells to clean his house and fix all the broken kitchen appliances that he never got around too. He instantly knew he was falling in love with her. As the afternoon fell into night, Noah started to share with her all of the spells he knew.  He pulled his book of magic out and gave it to her. All of his lifes work is now in the possession of some stranger he was in love with. The two began doing spells and creating new twists on things to make it all work.  It began to get late and Noah fell asleep.  He woke up cold because the front door was open. He ran outside upset and mad thinking Phoebe was taking off with his spell book and using him to fix her carriage. The second he got there and began to yell, he realized she was actually adding pages to his book; filling in the empty pages in the back with her top spells.  She was trying to share and be open with him, but he automatically assumes the worst because he has been alone all his life. Before he could muddle an apology, she started to tell him about her spells that were half way complete.  That she couldn’t find the answers to the second half or why they only sort of halfway worked.  She explained that she didn’t realize he fell asleep cause she was making the connections with the spells. His incomplete spells were a match to hers!!

The two stared at each other in awe.. Phoebe kisses Noah and it all began to make sense. They say that the 8 powerful wizards of the world belong and work better in pairs, and they are finally realizing why! They are each others perfect match! They make a complete pair and were destined to be together.  Noah swept Phoebe off her feet and carried her in to his house where they lived happily ever after..