"Well," Chantelle started. A little sassy as usual. "MY sister told me the real reason people speak different languages. It goes like this..."

I decided to ask Chantelle.

Once upon a time, in a really cool kingdom that’s not around here was a girl named Princess Chantelle… well maybe that wasn’t her name but I forget it. Anyways, Chantelle was just like princess in the video above… But she was also different from your average princess.

Princess Chantelle didn’t have a boyfriend, but her mom wanted her to! Her mom was getting old, and Princess Chantelle was going to become queen soon. But Princess Chantelle didn’t think anyone in the royal kingdom was a good fit for her.

Her mom thought she was exaggerating, so she made a royal announcement.

Because she was a princess, Chantelle’s week went by very fast, and she forgot about Friday’s plans until that morning! Her royal advisor knocked on the door at 11 am, only an hour before the men of the kingdom were supposed to show up. When her advisor walked in, Chantelle was still asleep! Chantelle woke with a panic and rushed to get ready. When noon came around, she had barely finished getting ready, but she did it, and she looked amazing. It’s hard not to when you’re royalty.

I've got so much going on... what am I forgetting?

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With a twinkle in her eye, Chantelle’s mom started letting in potential suitors. One by one, the boys started filing in and with each boy she saw Chantelle grew less and less excited.

There was a huge problem: They were all the same! They all looked the same. They all sounded the same. They all acted the same. They all talked the same.

“That’s the problem, Mom!” Chantelle shook her head. “I want someone different. If I’m going to get married I need a man who doesn’t act like everyone else, and dress like everyone else. He needs to have different goals in life. He needs to be diverse!”


The queen looked around at all the men in the royal castle. Chantelle was right. None of them were special enough for her daughter.

“I am sorry to announce that Princess Chantelle is not interested in any of you. Take a look around. You’re all the same! If you would like another try, you may come back next Friday. Yes, that means you have one week to become different!” She announced proudly. The Queen was intent on getting her daughter married.

Click below to hear a song that Princess Chantelle loves to listen to! The song is all about the benefits of being who you really are! Originality is important! Never change for anyone. 

A grumble started in the royal castle. The men all looked around and noticed that they really did look the same. As they left the castle, the chatter started. Some of the men decided they didn’t want to be different. Being different was scary. What if people judged them?

But others decided it was worth it, not only for the princess, but also for themselves. Many of them had always wanted to be different, but still hid behind the fact that they were scared what others thought. Now they had an opportunity to show their real personalities.



Some of the men changed their clothing. They went from normal clothing to patterned clothing. Sparkly clothing. Stylish clothing.

Others changed their color. They got blonde hair! Blue hair! Light skin! Dark skin!

Some changed their jobs. They started to follow their dreams of being musicians, poets, writers, doctors.



Best of all: some changed their LANGUAGE!


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One man changed everything. His name was Pan. Pan went from looking and sounding like everyone else to being completely different. He started his own language, and made a club for different languages like his. Pan’s language became known as Spanish. His friend Man’s language became known as Mandarin. Chin’s language became known as Chinese. Port’s language became known as Portuguese. Many, many people started their own languages. And as they did, many other people began to learn the languages. By the end of the week, everyone in the kingdom had their own unique group of friends who had their own special language.

Chantelle woke up early this time. She was very excited to see how the men of the kingdom had changed. When noon came around, and the men began to come in, her heart soared. Everything was so different from the first time! She heard new languages, saw new colors and learned of new ambitions. And after talking to many, many potential guys, Chantelle knew the one she wanted.









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While everyone else had surely become different, Pan had changed everything to embrace who he was. He stuck out as a leader. And he had ambition. He wanted to change the world, and Chantelle really liked that idea. So after a few years of dating and getting to know each other, Princess Chantelle finally married Pan.

Not only did they live happily ever after, but they also did something great! Queen Chantelle and King Pan went around to different kingdoms with the language club. They told other people about language and let them listen to them of the languages that their kingdom had come up with. By the time Chantelle and Pan returned home, they heard great news. All the kingdoms around the word were now different! They all looked different, had different dreams and spoke different languages. Queen Chantelle and King Pan were SO happy.




Chantelle’s idea sounds interesting… but it doesn’t sound completely right. We should ask someone else. But who?



So yeah, that’s really how people started speaking different languages! My ancestors must have known King Pan, because we speak Spanish! And if your language is different, maybe your ancestors knew someone else!