Where I started 

By: Lauren Olson 



    Born- November 18th 2000

-I was my moms last baby and was the cutest.

-I weighed about 8 pounds and I was 21 inches long. 


-I was born with dark brown hair.

My mom got pregnant in August and I was her 3rd kid. She craved fruits a lot. She also felt like exercising and walking all the time. She was put into labor at 8 am and had me at about 5 pm. I was born with dark brown hair. I was about 8 pounds and 21 inches long. I am the youngest of 3 kids and also weighed the least. My brothers were pretty big. My mom said that being pregnant with me was easy compared to my brothers. I was born 2 weeks early because my mother didn't want to have another 10 pound baby like my brother. She asked the doctor to enduce her 2 weeks early. 

My moms story-

My grandma was very supportive to my mother during her pregnancy. She was always there for her. When my grandma found out my mom was going to have her baby, she had to get to the hospital right away. Even though I was my moms 3rd child, my grandma was still just as excited. She couldn't get the thought out of her mind of having 5 grand kids that are all pretty close in age. My grandma was one of the first people to hold me besides my mom, dad, and the doctors because she got there so quickly. 

My Grandma's Story-

                    (My mom's mom)

My Aunt's Story-

                        (My mom's sister)

When my mom was pregnant my aunt was to. My aunt found out about her pregnancy before my mom did. She wasn't too happy about her and her sister being pregnant at the same time. She was worried that her baby and my moms baby would be born on the same day or born very close together. My aunt was still supportive of my mom, she just had a lot going on just like my mom did. They were both going through the same emotions and the same process, so they could relate to each other. My cousin was born 3 weeks before I was born.