Jaloni Beckham

                                                      September 18,2015





The Ring


November 29,2001




It was November 29, 2001, 7:00 p.m. My brother was on the phone talking to his girlfriend, Mia. James is 19 years old. My brother is very charming. He is light skin, has green hazel eyes, blonde hair with a nice faded high top, he can pull anybody if he wanted to. I over her Mia telling James about a ballroom dance. So I budged in and ask Mia.

                   Can I go, please!

            Finally she said yes. The dance starts at 8:00 and its 7:00 so I only have an hour left. My brother is not going with us. I ask my best friend, Candace if she wanted to go.

                   Candace said: yea sure I will go.


I ran into my room as fast as I could. The first thing I got was my special ring my grandma gave me before she died 2 years ago. My grandma had cancer when she was 56. Anyway I got ready and Mia was waiting on me outside. Candace, Mia, and I walked into the ballroom we were so gorgeous. I and the girls were dancing and then we finally sat down to eat. I saw Sara when I got up to use the restroom. Sara is very suspicious she always be looking at Candace, but Sara is soft and calm she doesn’t talk to anybody. I went to the restroom washed my hands, but I always take my ring off because it’s real. I sat down at the table because my feet was hurting. Candace notice that Loni didn’t have her ring