the chimpanzee is an animal that is endangered due to many people hunting them for their fur and them dying due to the disease of ebola

The chimpanzee

By:Juan Gutierrez 

 The chimpanzee uses a chewed up leaf as a spoge to soak up water and drink.They also cup their hands and dip them in the water to drink from. They drink from puddles,streams,and rivers.

    How the chimp gets its water

 How the chimpanzee mates and how long its pregnant


The female chimps have about 4-6 children in their time of life.  The female chimpanzee stays pregnant for 8 to 9 months. When a male sees that the females butt is bright pink he will know that she is ready to mate becuase the female is already fertile. The mother chimp will care for its young until it is a teenager or in its late twenties. The motehr is the one that cares for the chimp while the male goes out to eat and do other stuff.The female has only 1 baby each time it gives birth.





The chimpanzee eats a variety of food like, “insects,leaves,fruits,and sometimes other chimps for meat. They hunt in packs so it can be easier to get the food. The chimp climbs trees to get fruits and they use sticks to stab the insects.

What does the Chimpanzee eat?

The chimpanzee needs a lot of space so they can swings from tree to tree and so their whole pack can have space to sleep,play and just hang around.

The space a chimpanzee needs.


The Robust Chimpanzee must live in a biome that is warm and frost free. The biome should be around 20-25 celsius.

The temperature the chimp needs to be in.


The chimpanzee sleeps and hides in trees.They  sleep on hard firm trees that can hold them and they also just sit back and recline on the tree branches.Chimpanzees also use caves to sleep in when they are moving but mostly have nests in trees.

     The Chimpanzee's shelter

A healthy male Robust Chimpanzee can live up to 31 years and about 7 months; and a healthy female Robust Chimpanzee lives up to 38 years a couple years more than the male.

The Chimpanzee's life spandd

A Chimpanzee can grow up to 5 feet and 6 inches.

A male chimp weighs up to about 70kg(150) pounds.A female chimp weighs less like about 135  pounds.




  The size of the chimpanzee

The chimpanzees are in endangered for many reasons like for example they are being hunted down for meat that is being sold to France and to England which is pretty shocking. Another reason that the chimpanzees are endangered is that their habitats are being destroyed to build farms and roads. They are going extinct because they are being struck by the ebola virus due to the people that have ebola when they are killed the chimps somehow eat their flesh and receive the virus which is very interesting because it makes you think how if a Human body is burried how the animal gets to it.

Why the chimps are endangered


A behavioral adaptation is nest building in trees which they do to stay away and safe from predators. A Physical adaptation are sharp teeth which are used to scare others away.Another behavoiral adpatation is that the chimpanzee uses a chewed up leaf to stick in a tree to soak up some water when their is very little water sources.Another physical adaptation of the chimpanzee is that they use their hands as feet to grip on to things such as sticks.

The chimpanzees adaptations

What we can do is that we can prohibit that people can shoot chimpanzees.We can also help to keep chimpanzees away from people who have ebola or any other deady virus.We can also band the fact that people are destroying the chimoanzee's natrual habitat so the people can have farms. Also another option would be bringing the animal to a much safer envirnment which means taking them out of the country

What we can do to help the chimps