By : Isabella Fulton

M y Baby Planet:                     Mars


  - Diameter: 4,212 MI.  


 - Lenght of Day: 1 day 0h. & 40 min.


  -Rotational Period: 1 day 0h. & 40 min.


  -Orbital Period: 687 days


 - mean surface temp: 218 K. (-55 Celsius , -64 fahrenheit)


  - Gases In Atmosphere: Carbon Dioxide make up 95.9% of the atmosphere volume & the other 4 are Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen & Carbon monoxide.

             Birth Certificate :   

     My baby, Mars, is a very goofy and hilarious baby. She loves cartoons and reading her favorite books. Her favorite food is Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches and apples. She loves to play dress up with her other sister, Venus. Mars hates to clean up and doing her hair. Her favorite game to play is duck, duck , goose and she loves running around at the park and going crazy.  She's a little wild child and even doing some bad things at times but we love her more than anything and our Solar System wouldn't be the same without her .

                 All About Baby


             My favorite Song :

    twinkle, twinkle little mars


                        How I wonder where you are


 up above the World so high


 Like a Red dot in the sky.


Twinkle , twinkle


Little Mars


How I wonder


Where you are.....