The Sea People 

Theories Advanced 

They thought the Sea people were from western Anatolia. But they also thought they were from wider areas, and wider range for larger events. 


They also thought the sea people were from the lost city of Atlantis, as told by Frank Joseph and other people. 

Who are the Sea people?

The sea people were "raiders and a loose confederation of clans who troubled the lands of the Near East and Egypt during the final period of the Bronze Age." 

The Sea People 

The sea people movenment was one of the largest and important in history will change the face of ancient world.


The reason why i choose this page because it goes into farther details about the 1200 BC and what happen and what went down.

The reason why i choose this website is because it has a lot of imformation in it. It goes into farther details about everything it has a seciton on every theories advanced. I think it will be very interesting to read.

The reason I suggested this website because it is talking about the Sea People and what they did and who they are a little more in detail.

Websites I Suggest

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