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Definition Of Text

A string of letters or words that are used to express something, for example a text message or a newspaper article. Text usually will also have a specific font that is used to control the style of text

The Difference Between Sans and Sans-Serif Font

Sans font is where the letters have clean cut ends, whereas Sans-Serif font has an identical font, however it has little serifs that are decorative lines on the ends of the letters


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Definition of Audio

Audio is any data that you can hear but cannot see for example a song, where you can hear it but no footage is actually shown


Changed tempo by 10%

Changed pitch by 10%

Fade in and out

Amplified by 20dB


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Graphics Data

Graphics data is simple pictures or images displayed in Multimedia


Definition of Morphing

Morphing is where two images are put together by morphing, For example, in the top morphed image the hourse's background has been croped out as well as legs and back of the house. The ostrich been decapated and the croped horse photo has replced where the head would be. The pictures have also been blended together to make one image.

This is a panorama image made up of 4 pictures stiched together

This is a morphed Image

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Definition Of Interactivity

Interactivity is where a user is able to interact with the multimedia, using hyperlinks and other ways of using interacting with the form of multimedia, for example how at the top of each page excluding the pages 1, 2 and the last page, there are links to the front page and contents page. This allows to user to navigate easily through this form of multimedia

Importance Of Interactivity

Using interactivity in website it makes the user feel more involed inthe website and allows the user to have more control over what is happening in the website. This also makes the user more engaged with the website and this can lead to a more popular website



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