The Curious Firefly

By Dree Kinder

Once upon a time, there was a firefly named Bolt.  Bolt lived in a giant oak tree in the middle of a forest.  He lived with his mom, dad, sister, and a lot of family friends.  Their home was made out of leaves.

While flying around during the day, Bolt had seen other families homes.  There were some that were made out of wood! Real wood!  Bolt had always dreamed of having a house like this.

One day, as Bolt was reading a book outside their house, he heard a scream as his friend fell from his room in their house to the ground.  When he looked down, he saw his friend Fred being eaten by a huge, enormous brown bear.  He couldn’t believe it.  Bolt was determined to make a house that was more sturdier so he would never fall out.

He traveled their part of the forest high and low to try to find a builder that could build his family a wood home.  A few days went by, that turned into weeks, that turned into months.  Bolt couldn’t find a builder that would do it for cheap.  

One day, Bolt was flying around his neighborhood when he was stopped by the first builder he had ever talked to.  The builder explained to him, “have you really been flying these past three months, STILL looking for a builder?”  Bolt said yes and said simply that everything was too expensive.  The builder must have felt bad for Bolt, becuase he offered to build a wood treehouse for free because of how hard Bolt was looking. This proved to Bolt that never giving up was beneficial in the end!,_May_2013.jpg