Three ways imperialism had affected the world and it's people.




Because of competition overseas,

each country conquering and colonizing more and more countries to gain more

and more power and to be the very best. This changed when countries like England

or Germany argued which country was taken first, or whom had already colonized

one before the other. Sometimes there were border issues between countries, if one

empire’s country was too close to another empire’s country.




It changed many governments in many different countries. There are

many examples of this. For instance, Before Africa had been conquered by Europe it

Basically did not have a government. It’s new government went on to give people jobs

new technology, organized law and order, and much more. But it had it’s downsides too,

For some parts of Africa conquered by europe it gave it’s people forced labor,

Unfair laws and for a lot of parts some had to be forced to believe in another culture.

For others some governments conquered other governments that had laws and order.

Like Germany taking over Austria for example.


Imperialism's modern influences had changed the modern world we know as today.

For quite some time around the world technology has continued to evolve.

For some of these innovations were created by, or during the time of

Imperialism. Great example would be The machine gun, used for many military

operations. The assembly line, created for the process of vehicles being put

together. After Imperialism it has gave fairer laws and governments for its people

to follow. Better lives for many and reminded people to never make this happen


Influences in the

Modern World