My house on Wheat Street is much like Iron Man’s house. It hangs partly off of a cliff that drops into the ocean. The ocean waves calmly whisper at you. All my relatives live on Wheat Street, but my house is the best. Wheat Street got its name when I got a well-paid job and won the lottery, then I bought a very nice neighborhood and made it a private neighborhood for only my family and friends.Wheat Street is as incredible as a land made out of candy.

        My property is fifteen acres big, but since I am rich, I do not grow crops or raise animals, instead I have a basketball court, a huge pool, which you can play pool in, and open land to drive around with my ATV, Dune Buggy, and more. I put my vehicles in my massive garage. On Holidays, everyone in the neighborhood gets together at my house and has a blast. My house is so much fun, its like taking a piece of Heaven and putting it on the Earth.


Vignette 1: My House

        My hair is a dark brown, like milk chocolate. After I get out of the shower it is wet. I dry it with a towel, wait for it to dry naturally, then flip it to the side. I do this everyday. It is a simple, and comfortable position to have it in and yet I still look good. ;)


        My dog is a black labrador. He has curly hair like a golden retriever. His hair is soft, like a warm fuzzy blanket. When we take him for a car ride, he likes to stick his head out of the window. I watch him as his hair flows in the wind. I love my dog, an I love his hair.


Vignette 2: That Hair Though

        My brother and I always have gotten along very well. Ever since we knew we existed, we have loved each other so much. Wedo fight occasionally, but we always get over it. The biggest fight I can remember with him was when I was in the ninth grade. We were in his car during this fight. Although i forgot what got each other so mad, I can tell you that it got so bad when the car stopped, i got out of the car and walked across the street and onto the sidewalk. He didn’t care that i left until later. I called my friend and asked him if he could give me a ride somewhere he was not. So my friend picked me up. When everything sort of settled down he called me up and told me to go back home and he was sorry.

        Me and my brother usually get along very well. When i was very little, i played on a football team. There was this kid who was on my team and kept calling me Spencer Weak. At that time and age that was really offensive. I told my brother about this kid, and when I did my brother got so mad that he went up to this kid and told him to stop messing with me. My brother has always been a big guy, and my brother scared the kid. The kid never said another word to me for the rest of the football season, unless it was football related

Vignette 3: Boiz and Gurlz

        My name is Spencer. My mom really liked the name Spencer, so she named me Spencer. It doesn’t mean anything cool like Miguel does but its a cool name. The name Spencer means keeper of provisions, but who cares. She wanted me to have the same initials as my dad and my dad’s name is Steven, so this was her favorite ‘S’ name for a boy. My name is not a very common name, but i know a few.


        If I got the chance to change my name I would not. To me, Spencer is a cool name. When i was little i did not like the name very much. I told myself when i get older i want to change my name. As a grew up I have learned to accept the name and now i think its a great name.


Vignette 4: Spencer

        My house is the place that makes me feel safe and secure. My family has my back when anything happens to me. My house also makes me feel safe because my dogs sleep outside so if anyone comes and tries to hurt us, the dogs will be there to warn us. Everyone is nice at my house and it is calm. There are not many people around where I live so it is nice.


        The place i feel awkward and insecure is at my P.E. class. I don’t know many people in my P.E. class so i get bored when we walk around and talk to friends. i feel like everyone their judges me and makes fun of me. I feel like a goose without a flock.


Vignette 6: Time I Felt Awk

        I broke my hand on a Sunday afternoon. My step brother was being as annoying as a feather tickling your nose. He locked me out of my own house and just laughed at me. This dragged on longer than it should have. I was outside in the cold wind trying to find a way in. When i came up with a great plan i put it into action. I went around the house and started banging on the front door then quickly went around. When he went to the front door i stealthily tried to hit the PVC pipe away from blocking the window from opening with this bent metal rod. once i was about to get it my step brother comes rushing over and smacks the metal rod out of my hand, flying at a very old tea pot and breaks it. I yelled at him because i knew how mad my mom was going to be. eventually he let me in. When my mom and brother got home my mom was wondering where her tea pot went, so i stupidly decided to take the blame for it. My mom made me clean up so much around the house. My brother told me that my step brother heard me take the blame and didn’t even say thank you. Instead he continued to be very mean to me.


        I went outside with my brother and vented to him about the situation. when i got so mad i punched a thick wooden wall with all my might. When my fist made contact with the wood, i felt shivers down my spine. I knew something was wrong. When i looked at my hand my pinkie knuckle was very far down. I had obviously broke it.

        The long weeks i had my splint on were the longest weeks of my life. I couldn’t wait until it came off. Basketball tryouts came up and I couldn’t do anything. I went to the tryouts but I couldn’t participate in the activities. Rumors went around that i made the team automatically. My coach ended up finding out about these rumors and cut me from the team. Thanks to my splint, everything went downhill, until it finally healed.

Vignette 7: Time I Broke My Hand

Vignette 8: New School

        My freshman year started at Vintage High School. The very beginning of my freshman year was weird. I had no clue where to go and hardly any of my old classmates from the private school I went to went there. I knew some kids from other schools, but not many.


        I looked like an outsider.  I knew some people from basketball, so at break I walked around and found them. When i went to my classes, I had this map out to tell me where my classes were it was super weird because nobody else had a map out. It took me a while to know where everything at the school was. My older friends kept calling me a stupid freshman and things like that, but there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. When i was a freshman, there was drama everywhere i went. So much drama and I hated it so much.

        When my freshman year was ending, I couldn’t have been happier. I could not wait for people never calling me a freshman again. I hated my geography teacher and I could not wait to get out of that class. The last day of her class i was the first one out because I was so happy to get out of there. I could not stop thinking of how much better my sophomore year would be.

Vinette 11: Engineer

        My dream ever since preschool was to become an engineer. I have always been a very creative person. My favorite thing to do is make things to impress others. I always loved coming up with new ideas and trying to make cool things.


       When I was in the seventh grade, i made these little rubber band guns that looked like real pistols. I had a trigger you would push and the rubber band would fly through the air like a spear. The rubber band pistols would only go so far, so i made an extended barrel for one and it went over two times as far! i like to mess with electrical things as well. I had this nerf gun and it was battery operated, but one thing bugged me a lot on it. If the little hatch on the top for jammed bullets was even slightly open, it wouldn’t work. So one night i decided to take out all the screws and fix that, and I did!

        I really hope to become some type of engineer when I grow up. I am unsure what type of engineer I want to be exactly, but I know for sure I want to make things. My ultimate dream is to change the world or invent or come up with something that becomes very popular around the world. If my ultimate dream does not come true, I want to at least build or make something to change the world in a little way.