A brief story about Albert Einstein

 Albert Einstein

 The Greatest Scientest who ever lived


 By Elijah Santos


   Did You know that Albert Einstein ideas let to one of the most destructive bomb in the world! Or the most brilliant scientest in the world? Well your about to find out in this amazing biogrophy about Albert Einstein. Your about to find out some things about Albert Einstein that you never even thought of that will make you think different about Albert Einstein. Did you know that Albert Einstein became a Swiss citizen in 1901. Crazy right?




                                       Family Life 

Al was born in Ulm Germany. He was very shy and did not talk so his parents brought him to the doctors so many times and they said nothing was wrong with him. And in 1894 his parents moved to Italy without Albert. He got married to Mileva Maric. ( she was also jealous of Albert's success) Later on he moved back to germany and got married to Elsa his cousin. Albert didin't care that Elsa was his cusin he just fell in love with her and she took care of him.



 A few obstacles in Albert’s life are parents moved to Italy in 1849. He also got expelled when he was in highschool.  Albert left his wife Mileva Maric and his sons in 1914. Mileva died. And because he also had heart and liver prolems and the Nazies Germans scientist if you will were all againts Alberts scientific theories. And then Elsa died. And because there was nobody to take care of him.



An accomplishment in albert's life is when he won the nobel prize and became a US citizen. He introduced his idea of relativity and light bending. And when he let America know to build the atomic bomb, he saved America because if Japan discovered it first life would probably be different and some towns wouldn't even be here or even states!!!



Acomplishments & Contributions to Soceity 



Some influences in Albert's life is Max Talmey. And so did Mileva and Elsa. When he proved his theory of light and relativity and that is e=mc squared, and… The whole US!!!!!!!!!!! He Also influenced himself. Beleive it or not the preasident influenced him too!








                           Awesome facts About Albert


Albert Einstein's brain has 12 pages on wikipedia, He had two wives ( Elsa was his distant cousin), his brain was 15% more wide, weighs less than an average human's brain, was afraid of soldiers when he was a kid, 1931 Hitler declared Albert a spy and put a death warrant on him, he basically made the atom bomb, the same year albert won the nobel prize king Tut's tomb was found, he became a swiss citizen, Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb the same year albert was born. He died in the year of 1955



Some people know Albert as a kind of selfish person. I know this because Albert said if he can choose between family or himself he would pick himself. He even went to Germany carelessly leaving Milva in Switzerland. Most people know that Albert hates war. He never wanted to make the atom bomb. As soon as he found out that the US used the atomic bomb and destroyed two cities in Japan he immediately regretted making it. Most people don’t know but Albert did not care about himself. I can prove that because he always looks crazy and it took Elsa to take care of him like to sleep. And even to eat!!!!!!!!!!

   Personality Traits 


                                  About the Author 

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