Required Religion

Once apon a time there was a bunny named Judy Hops and her friend named Brown Bare the polar bear. 

They were very good freinds. They spent time together all the time and did everything together.

One day they went to the store and found a huge carrot toy on the shelf near the door. 

She told Brown Bare, "Let's go take that huge carrot toy home Brown Bare."

Bown Bare said, "No Judy, we can't do that. We shouldn't steal things from the store!" But she didn't listen. 

"Come on Brown Bare! Don't you want a carrot toy?" said Judy. "No Judy, I don't! I want a salmon toy." said Brown Bare.

So they both decided to steal a toy they each wanted, even though they knew it was wrong.

As Judy and Brown Bare walked closer to the door, Officer Fox came up to them and asked... 

"What are you kids doing with those toys?"

"Nothing!" lied Judy and Brown Bare. They tried to hide the toys, but Officer Fox saw right through them.

"Are you trying to steal those toys?" Officer Fox asked, appalled. "I'm going to have to call your parents."


"What?" The two friends said. They were afraid.

Officer Fox made the children wait in the store until their parents arrived. When they did, they were not happy.


"How could you do something like this?" Brown Bare's mother asked. 


"Haven't you ever heard of the fourth and eighth commandments?" Judy's father asked.

"What are those?" Brown asked curiously.


"The fourth commandment calls for faithful citizenship, while the eighth commandment says to live a honest life," Judy's mother answered.




The children were ashamed.


"We haven't been very holy, have we?" Judy said glumly.


"No," Brown's mother replied. "But we forgive you. And so does Jesus."

Revitalized with the power of the Lord, the children returned their toys and thanked Officer Fox. As they returned home with their parents, they were eager to begin their new lives as faithful citizens.