The story is about King Napoleon, wise elder Benjamin, and how the life of the village of Tully.

      Some time ago, there was once a village named Tully, and in the village there was a clever king called Old Major, who was loved by the village. However, he soon began to grow too old to rule the village, so he appointed either corrupt eldest son Napoleon or hardworking son Snowball. Old Major said, The Village of Tully, I am too old and weak to rule this village so I shall give my crown to my eldest son, Napoleon. He will now be the new ruler of Tully."


      Napoleon then spoke out to the crowd Hello Village of Tully everything I say you are going to have to obey. Otherwise, you will be banished from this very soil. But I’ll be the very best King Tully had ever had. And this is my right hand man Jester named Squealer. He will be announcing news from now on.” Everyone in the village of Tully began to hail Napoleon, especially the not brightest worker nicknamed, “Boxer” who believed everything that he heard. However Benjamin, a wise elder person and Snowball, knew otherwise. They knew that this new change would lead into something disastrous. But to the rest of the villagers everything seemed good for now. A week later, Old Major peacefully died in his sleep.

So far, it was noticed that crops were failing rapidly. One day Napoleon found Snowball helping the villagers out on farming. This made Napoleon very worried since he didn’t do anything to help out the village. So he bellowed out, “Snowball you are now banished from here on. You are destroying this family’s crops and you’re the reason why the crops in the village are failing." Furiously Snowball retorted,  “Brother I am helping this family by harvesting the crops because they need it. So far you have done nothing to this village and all you do is just walk around announcing you’re the Best King of Tully. Meanwhile the crops are failing this year."  Napoleon then yelled out, “LEAVE!!”

Sadly after that, Snowball then left. The village soon questioned Napoleon’s decision to excile Snowball, but later that night Squealer the jester came out and said, "Citizens, believe in Napoleon. The reason why Snowball was banished was because he was destroying a family’s crops, Snowball is the reason of failing of the crops. But brave Napoleon has stopped the destruction. He’s the Best King of Tully. All hail Napoleon!” Boxer, the worker, yelled out loud, “Long live Napoleon, he is the reason why everything is great.” Everyone but Benjamin believed in Squealer’s lies. They believed that Snowball was the one behind the failing of the crops.

Napoleon then yelled out, “LEAVE!!” Sadly after that, Snowball left the village.

In the next few months the failing of the crops got serious. Most of the village wanted to overthrow Napoleon. The citizens crowded against Napoleon’s manor, but Squealer came out and said nervously, “Citizens of Tully, I know you are upset about the failing of the crops but Napoleon is working hard to solve it. He’s the best king of Tully. All hail Napoleon." Before Squealer finished, a frustrated Benjamin interrupted and said, “If he is the best king of Tully why is there failure in the crops? So far he has done nothing to make the village better. All he does is sit on his rich behind eating the food we make. Citizens, we shouldn’t believe the lies of this buffoon. If we don’t act up we won’t have food to feed our children. All hate Napoleon."

Now in realization all citizens were angry at Napoleon. But Napoleon, looking a little fatter than usual, finally came and said “Don’t listen to him, he’s old and delusional. I’m doing top secret stuff to figure out the problem. I could show you my work but you wouldn’t understand. After all I’m the best king of Tully." From now on there was no questioning about Napoleon. As always almost everyone in the village believed Napoleon and Squealer, but they never realized the disastrous consequences that prevails.

Weeks later the crops weren’t as better as before, but no one complained. It came to the point where the village had to work harder more than ever before. Squealer announced to the village, “Slaves, I mean citizens of Tully, I am sad to announce that because of the failing crops now everyone has to work to feed themselves. But Napoleon is working extra hard to fix this problem, he’s working in his luxurious manor coming up with plans to solve this I can assure you. All hail Napoleon." Boxer, the hardest worker in all of Tully, spoke out,  “We will work harder! Napoleon is the best king.” Nonetheless no one complained about everyone now having to work.

Now everyone at Tully worked for the rest of their lives and  no one complained about it. That is until one day Benjamin sneaked into Napoleon’s manor and found a closet full of corn. Benjamin said to himself, "No wonder Napoleon was a little chubby.” With this information, he took the bag to show to the public to show who Napoleon really is. Benjamin soon said, “Citizens I have a bag that King Napoleon owns, in this bag it is full of our life work in the crops. Those crops that Napoleon said were “failing” is actually Napoleon is eating our food, while we are working hard to feed ourselves, taking scraps from the bottom of the bucket until we kick that very bucket."

At that very instant the confused crowd of villagers were now a furious one. Napoleon and Squealer came in to dissolve the problem and settle things down. The villagers, now furious, chased out Napoleon and Squealer straight out of the village. From there on Napoleon and Squealer were nowhere to be seen. The village was now without a ruler and they decided to be all involved in a government. The village is now a happy village.