Flip Booklets For The Classroom

Turn your lesson plans, assignments, and class projects into online flip booklets your students can view on any device and in any browser. Its your tool for keeping your classroom connected to the lessons you teach.
Each Teacher account comes with 30 student accounts, so you can empower your students to build flip booklets too.

How Livebooklet Works

You can make flip booklets from scratch or upload a PDF version of your document for automatic conversion into a web flip booklet.
Every new flip booklet get's a custom web address.

Share it with your students through email, on social networks, and by adding it to your Livebooklet classroom gallery.

Showcase and archive your flip booklets on a unique classroom gallery.

Try Livebooklet For Free

Get started with a 14 day trial account. No credit card required.

What Is A Livebooklet Web Booklet


Make Web Flip Booklets In Minutes

Convert your existing documents into web booklets students can access using any modern browser on any device (computers, laptops and smartphones). Or make a web booklet from scratch with our drag and drop authoring tool.

A Classroom Gallery

Add your web booklets to a single classroom gallery page with its own unique web address. Its a teacher curated pinterest like listing of your web booklets.
The classroom gallery can even be embedded in other websites, so you can have it in your classroom blog and web pages for easy access.

Access Web Booklets From Anywhere

As a fully compliant HTML5 web booklet, your livebooklet can be emailed, posted, pinned, tweeted, shared, and embedded practically anywhere.
When you update a livebooklet, its automatically updated everywhere you've shared it.

Create and Manage Student Accounts

Each teacher account comes with 30 student accounts, so your students can also create their own web flip booklets. You can turn your own web booklets into templates that students can use to complete assignments and projects. Even have students upload and make their own web booklets. A teacher has complete editorial control over each student account.

Teacher Friendly Pricing Sign Up


Space For Up To 200 Web Booklets
Good For 1 Year
30 Student Sub Accounts
Unique Classroom Gallery Webpage
Edit Even After Publishing

12 / YEAR

We made livebooklet's pricing straightforward for teachers. Bandwidth and hosting included. There are no hidden fees.

One teacher account includes 30 student accounts and space for 200 web booklets.
Additional student accounts can be purchase for $6 for 15 more student accounts.
Additional web booklets can be purchased for $12 for 100.
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The features of simplebooklet

your content, anyway you like

convert your existing marketing collateral or make a a new slider or flip booklet from scratch. with simplebooklet, you can add almost anything and use our robust, intuitive, editing tools to make it look great. all without any code.
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leverage your current print marketing

like most small businesses, you have printed brochures, flyers, product catalogs, and postcards. extend the value of those pieces by putting them online as an interactive simplebooklet. all you need is the PDF version and we can automatically convert it to a flip booklet or slider, even it its a folded brochure.
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any dimension

a simplebooklet doesn't force you to keep the same dimensions of powerpoint or a regular printed page. make the pages of your booklet any dimension you want, from tall and skinny, to narrow and fat. it's up to you to select the best presentation canvas for your marketing story. best of all, no matter what dimensions you choose, simplebooklet will automatically adjust it to look beautiful in any webpage and on any device your customer experiences it.
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new customers to your door

marketing is about generating leads. with a simplebooklet, you can add interactive customer call-to-action features with one click, and start encouraging customers to call you, find your location, email you, and even connect with your online store.
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distribute everywhere

simplebooklet has been designed to reach out beyond your website to where your customers are, extending your marketing and promotion to 1000's more potential customers. you start with a unique webpage for your booklet and then syndicate it across all the web destinations and devices your customers use. post to social networks and watch your customers turn into advocates. send in email to reactivate your existing customers. publish to your website, blog, or any major web destination you know your customers visit. its about reaching beyond a single web address.
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turn customer into advocates

with built in social sharing, your own customers will be able to promote your marketing within their own circle of friends. watch your marketing get liked, forwarded, pinned, plused, and tweeted to an ever widening potential audience.
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get to know your customers

respond to a wave of new customer inquiries, all while getting deeper insight into your potential customers through the simplebooklet marketing insight dashboard. you'll learn which channels customers want to reach out to you, what devices they use, and where they most often find your marketing.
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unbelievably fast

in minutes, you can take your existing marketing and promotions you currently distribute in print and have them turned into interactive, lead generating web brochures, flyers, and promotions on facebook, your website, email blasts, twitter, tumblr, linkedin, and more.
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Start with 10 web booklets in your account.

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free web booklets

$12 a year

(average price per booklet $12)

No Advertising on Pages

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Save 50% per Web Booklet


10 free web booklets in your account.

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Upgrade one web booklet.

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Upgrade all booklets in your account.

SIGN UP for free

Make up to 10 web booklets for free.

Once you upgrade, your web booklet will remain advertising free for one year. Upgraded web booklets can be edited, copied, and deleted while they are upgraded.

Why should I upgrade my web booklet?

No More Ads

We'll remove all third party advertisements from your booklet, including the simplebooklet watermark.

Share to More Places

Share your web booklet on eBay, Wordpress, and as a facebook fanpage tab.

Export to PDF

Export your web booklet as a PDF for easy printing and offline viewing.

More Web Booklet Settings

Add a password, hide from search engines, set a custom URL, get more feedback from your action buttons, and manage more of your web booklet's presentation features.

Get Deeper Analytics

Find out how your customers are reading your web booklet, with real time analytics on daily traffic, the devices they use, and the pages you are located.

Get More Web Booklets

Need more than 10 web booklets? Upgrade your account to HERO and add more booklets to your account at discounted prices.